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Great News! The Green Man Thriplow is open again...

but things are a little different from before as initially we are only opening our outside drinking & dining space. 

Please find more information below including What to expect when visiting The Green Man, and our COVID-19 policy.

To ensure all our guests can enjoy The Green Man safely, please read all of this information before you visit us.

Now that The Green Man has re-opened, what can you expect?

  • Outside drinking & dining only (for now)
  • Please note that as long as the 1 meter social distancing guideline is in place our policy will be only one household group per picnic bench. Our benches can comfortably seat 4 people, perhaps 5 or 6 at a push if you have small children.
  • We are going ‘cashless’. Payment must be made online via the website, if there is a technological glitch then contactless payment will be our backup option.
  • A small tapas menu & desserts, this menu will expand in due course
  • Opening Thursday evening through to Sunday afternoon. 
  • We will not be taking reservations due to weather dependent nature of outdoor dining, this will change when we start to offer indoor dining.
  • There is a hygiene station set up near the front door of the pub so that you can sanitise on arrival, and check in with the member of staff stationed there. Once you're squeaky clean, the next step is to go find a bench – first come first serve and get ordering.
  • You will need to place your order via our website, not directly through a staff member.  There will be ordering instructions on the website and in the garden, but you will need a device with wifi, and you will need to pay online (we are going cashless)
  • Our staff will deliver the food and drink to a designated 'drop bench' close to where you're sitting.  They will acknowledge you, and you'll need to get up to collect the items. If you'd like another drink, or more food, then that is again ordered through the website.
  • When you have finished eating please stack up your plates and push them to the edge of your bench so that one of the clearing team can retrieve them. We will only clear dirty glasses and plates that have been pushed to the edge of the bench where the staff member has space to collect them safely.
  • Toilets will be open on a one person in one person out basis, and there will be a one way system in place. You will need to enter the back garden and form a queue outside, please be patient there may be a wait for the toilets at peak times

In summary: We are offering a limited food & drink menu served outside in the garden. All orders will be placed online rather than in person or over the bar, and our staff will deliver the food and drink to a designated 'drop bench' close to where you're sitting. Due to the weather dependent nature of outdoor dining we are not currently taking any reservations, however we will reassess this as soon as we feel able to welcome diners inside. 


Our COVID-19 Policy is as follows:

  • Staff have undergone retraining in post covid-19 procedures and will have their temperatures checked prior to each shift.
  • We have spaced out our tables to meet social distancing guidelines, and politely ask you not to move tables any closer together.
  • There will be clear signage instructing you how operate in the new pub environment, reminders on on social distancing, and helpful tips to order your food and drink through the website.
  • When a customers leaves, their tables will be cleared of glasses and plates and sanitised as soon as we are able. Please be patient, and do not sit at an uncleared table.
  • All ordering will be done through an online system. You can order and pay at the table using your own device connected to our 'Green Man' wifi (there is no password). If you have any issues there will be a member of staff stationed in the garden to help.
  • Toilets will be checked every 30 minutes with key touch points such as doors and taps sanitised.
  • Menus will be single use. There will also be a menu online so you can save the planet and note even use a paper menu if you like.
  • Customers are welcome to bring their own cutlery should they wish.

If you have any further questions please get in touch on 01763208855 or email us at 


Things may look a little different than before, but we will still look after you in our own Green Man way … we can’t wait to see you very soon!


Stay safe

Rebecca, Chris & The Team

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Open 5-9:30PM
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Open 12-9:30PM
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